Bothbest Offers a Deep Variety of Bamboo Flooring and Bamboo Decking Accessories

Bothbest, a well-known Chinese manufacturer and distributor of bamboo products, also manufactures bamboo flooring accessories of all possible types. The accessories manufactured and supplied by the company include trims and moldings of all sizes and profiles, plus t-molding, quarter round, reducer, threshold, skirting board and wall board moldings and trims. The owners claimed that their quality-tested accessories and other materials can be used by other manufacturers as they act both as a wholesaler and a retailer of bamboo products, including finished bamboo flooring products.

In addition to the trims and moldings, our manufacturing unit in China also produces bamboo handrail and bamboo stir treads. These bamboo decking accessories are available in two different colors, carbonized and natural. Also, we supply flooring accessories for horizontal, vertical as well as strand woven flooring products, said a senior sales manager of Bothbest.

At present, the company manufactures, supplies and exports T molding, stair nosing, quarter round, threshold, reducer, baseboard, skirting board, and various other types of bamboo flooring accessories and component parts. In addition to that, the company also produces horizontal natural bamboo flooring molding, vertical caramel, vertical natural, horizontal caramel, strand woven natural, strand woven caramel and strand woven tiger bamboo flooring accessories. Detailed specs of all the accessories we manufacture and sell can be found on our website. Our web store acts both as a digital brochure and a trading window. However, if someone wants to know the product details, he can simply mail us or contact with any of our sales executives to get the details, added the sales manager.

Bothbest products are widely in use in many countries and the company is known for its excellent after-sales services. The company has been in the business for more than eight years and the export-quality bamboo flooring products from them have already been widely acclaimed in various industry-specific consumer and interest groups.

The CEO and managing director recently explained the advantages of having a factory in a strategic location. Xuancheng, where our factory is located, is one of the biggest bamboo hubs in China. As resources are easily available and transport cost is significantly low, we can offer significant cost advantages to the end users, he said.


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