Bothbest Anti-Moldy and Long-Lasting Bamboo Decking Solutions Getting Consumer Attention

Bothbest, a manufacturer and supplier of bamboo products from Xuancheng, which is often referred as the hometown of bamboos in China, recently announced at a press event that their bamboo decking products have gained a lot of consumer attention in recent times. The owners told the press that the wide compatibility of their bamboo decking products and their various applications, including commercial and residential applications, have made their bamboo decking products all the more popular.

Our bamboo decking, which is also referred as terrace flooring, can be installed outside, in any publics area, be it a swimming pool, or a garden, or a terrace. This is because the bamboo decking solutions we offer are made from anti-moldy and really heavy-duty strand woven bamboo. We do the decking and make sure that the end product can be highly water-resistant, told a product manager of Bothbest.

Strand woven bamboo flooring products we manufacture have a very unique design and the density is usually higher than regular wooden flooring. This kind of terrace or exterior flooring is excessively strong and the floor cannot be bent or cupped, he added.

According to the insider, bamboo decking is now available in only one dimension. Also, at present, the renowned bamboo flooring company offers bamboo decking in only one color, which is the carbonized color. The product manager also informed that the decking has a hardness of 3000 lbf Janka scale. We use European 1 standard Dynea and German brand OSMO oil for manufacturing these products, which ensures highest quality and durability. We also use pre-oiled bamboo grooves, added the manager.

Bothbest bamboo decking and bamboo flooring products are mainly known for having the lowest amount of formaldehyde in the whole industry. This aside, the company has also earned reputation for using sustainably harvested bamboos which are five to eight years old. The grooves are milled with finest European quality equipment, the product manager confirmed. Also, the 25 year de-lamination warranty which we offer gives us a competitive advantage, he signed off.


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