Bothbest Aims to Increase Export of Bamboo Flooring Products

Bothbest, already a familiar name in Chinese domestic market for bamboo flooring products, wants to raise the bar for itself. The company is aiming to double its total annual export volume. In a bid to become an ace exporter of bamboo decking products from China, the company has just renewed its focus on its key strengths, weaknesses and competencies. In a recent press conference, the owners announced that they are contemplating more consumer-friendly moves to stabilize their position in the export market.

Bothbest takes pride in using superior-quality European-standard glue. We also use the lowest amount of formaldehyde in the industry. We know that the regulatory agencies in several European countries and in North America are very particular about the product quality and the health and safety aspects. Therefore, we always try to maintain full compliance with Chinese domestic rules as well as international standards for bamboo decking and bamboo flooring products, a top manager of Bothbest told during the press conference. However, he indicated that Bothbest has still a long way to go to capture major markets in the west.

He claimed that Bothbest offers the largest variety of bamboo flooring products, adding that they only use top-grade Italian and German equipment for milling their products. Our main focus is now on procuring the top-quality bamboos from the hinterlands of Xuancheng, where our manufacturing facility is located. He informed that Xuancheng is widely regarded as the bamboo capital of China, whereas China itself is considered the bamboo capital of the world. We already have been recognized worldwide as a trusted supplier and exporter. We now want to raise the bar for ourselves to increase export.

To make it more convenient for their overseas buyers, the bamboo decking products manufacturer from China has already started taking orders online and the sales executives of the company send their price quotes within a short turnaround, the management confirmed. The company also plans to bring more diversity in its product range.


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