Bamboo Flooring Company Offering Bamboo-Made Parquet Floors

Bothbest, a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of bamboo flooring products, recently came up with bamboo parquet floors. According to the manufacturers of bamboo flooring products, the bamboo parquet is an enhanced variant of solid bamboo made parquet, something they have been manufacturing since their inception.

The three-layer crosswise structure makes sure that the top layer and the bottom layer are aligned in the same direction. At the same time, the middle layer goes into another direction and the intersection of the layers creates more stability compared to the regular and solid bamboo parquet. Bamboo parquet that we manufacture has a unique look, which makes it ideal for both homes and offices, said a sales officer of Bothbest.

At present, bamboo parquet is available in just one dimension. The parquet is available in two color variants. The owners confirmed that both horizontal and vertical bamboo parquets are available in their e-tore. We take great delight in announcing that we use the lowest amount of formaldehyde in the industry. Also, we use sustainably harvested bamboo only, which is locally available. Since our manufacturing facility is located strategically, it gives us immense advantage in terms of transport cost and operational efficiency, added the sales officer.

The manufacturers use top-notch Italian and German milling equipment for making the bamboo parquets and all other types of bamboo decking and flooring products. Besides, both prefinished and unfinished parquets and flooring products are offered for maximum convenience of our buyers. 25 year de-lamination warranty gives our buyers more peace of mind. In addition to that, we also offer 5 year warranty on Aluminium Oxide finished bamboo flooring products, added the sales executive.

According to him, the parquets can be used in schools, hotels, colleges, offices, hospitals and in all other residential, commercial or civil establishments. He also indicated that the company is aiming to increase exports of its bamboo decking and bamboo flooring products in the last quarter of the current financial year and that they will focus more on quality than anything else in this fiscal year.


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